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December 24, 2017
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EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. - This isn't about dance or one-handed grabs or fancy cleats with tiny Christmas presents on it that illuminate whenever you walk. There isn't any question Odell Beckham Jr. will be a lot of fun to view. Few things these days meet the buzz, additionally the gambling' dazzling second-year large receiver has actually up to now been one.

But the angry, aggressive and violent behavior by which Beckham involved the almost all Sunday's 38-35 Giants loss to Carolina had been despicable. It should have now been ended by mentor Tom Coughlin or perhaps the game officials, and it may not be permitted to continue into the future.

Odell Beckham Jr. had been flagged 3 x for unsportsmanlike conduct but remained inside online game. Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire

Just what Beckham performed Sunday moved well beyond the bounds of appropriate behavior. Teammate Prince Amukamara defended him as a person who "wears his heart on their sleeve" and "loves the game of baseball, " and then he said the antics with Beckham had been "the price of working." But I respectfully disagree with Amukamara, and I anticipate the NFL will, besides.

Beckham threw numerous, obvious blows after plays. He tore off after opposing people at full-speed to provide shots after performs. He smashed Norman's helmet together with very own. He was flagged three times private foul penalties and should have experienced even more. After watching Beckham play Sunday, i am not sure what a player has to do to get ejected from an NFL online game.

"we've made great development along those outlines, " Giants coach Tom Coughlin stated of Beckham's capacity to control his mood. "These days was a step backwards, but I reached think we're going to regain that once he settles down, so we'll manage to mention it."

That has is the hope. Teammates stated Beckham apologized for their behavior and charges during halftime and through the game, and it's likely that Beckham may well be more contrite and responsible as he foretells Coughlin than he was when dealing with concerns from reporters about his behavior. But he definitely did not appear to be a man whom understood that he was out-of-line.

"I discovered throughout my life, the next man always gets caught, " Beckham stated. "It's just unfortunate."

Bull. And then he knows better.

That is a person which spoke several times throughout the offseason about how important it will be to not allow opponents make him frustrated. When I interviewed Beckham in June for a Sunday Countdown function, I asked him what he would do if he were a defensive coordinator attempting to stop him and he stated, "attempt to make myself mad, I guess." He understands that it is some thing of which he should be careful. He offered it, unsolicited, because the just thing that will end him. And on Sunday, any energy he had available to regulate it vanished in an ugly mess of blows and penalty flags.

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