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January 30, 2019
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Case Study

L&C could be the British's leading fee no-cost mortgage broker. They supply a mortgage service for family brands like Tesco Compare,, while the Guardian.

Key Requirements

  • Excellent communication abilities
  • Great numeracy
  • Education provides CeMap qualification
  • Driven and bold


The company - Jim Selley (Instruction & Recruitment management - L&C)

Name: Jim Selley
Job Title: Training & Recruitment Management - L&C

What competencies would you like to see in prospects?

Our work is approximately interaction. When you look at the great majority it's verbal because we're a phone-based guidance solution. Using written term it is about brevity, some CVs basically too much time in addition they go ahead and on. Our industry calls for the passing of exams, and in case students can show they could pass, that's a huge one. We would like students to prove they can work really hard. A final thing we seek is that students have actually a clear idea about targets, expectations and motorists. Just so we can easily see what makes you tick and motivates one to visited work.

Can you talk us through application process?

You will find 5 stages. Firstly someone submits a CV to us and then we have a look at by using a view to pass or fail it. We then send successful men and women an on-line test that has two elements. A person is a psychometric as well as the other is a maths and thinking test. This is made from 39 quick-fire questions in 30 minutes so we wish 25 of these passed. Afterwards there's a telephone interview which continues around 30 minutes. This enables us to learn a bit more towards prospect and inform them more about the role. After that, there was a sales role play, once again over the phone, discussing anything we have all purchased. After that eventually, it's a face to handle meeting at work.

What's the typical mistake you notice in an application leading to applicants being declined?

What scares myself is people that just have knowledge but got no work knowledge. A moment thing is some individuals do bad things on covering letters in which they place very generic communications in it. Students should take one minute to link it as to the they may be trying to get. You receive people composing in saying they're thinking about opportunities that do not occur. People that do take time and take action well have actually a confident slant straight away placed on their CV.

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