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April 20, 2017
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This will be an important minute within profession. Show us you have the abilities, aspirations and experience we’re finding and you’ll join a diverse community of bright thoughts at KPMG. We’ve designed a credit card applicatoin procedure to guide you in showing us your best.

Stage 1: On The Web Application

Your opportunity to tell united states regarding your academic background and any work knowledge. This should take about 20 minutes.

Phase 2: Situational Judgement Test

After distributing the application type, you’ll obtain a hyperlink to a Situational Judgement Test (SJT) within one morning. We’ll request you to give consideration to hypothetical, difficult circumstances you may possibly encounter as a trainee with KPMG. You’ll have actually either possible responses to each one.

The SJT takes around half an hour to complete. You’ll should do therefore within 1 week, therefore please don’t apply before you understand you’ll have time.

Stage 3: On Line Numerical and Communicative Reasoning Examinations

If you are effective inside SJT, you might be expected to perform on the web verbal and numerical thinking examinations. Designed particularly for KPMG, they look at your capability to analyse numerical and spoken information – abilities that you’ll need face to face.

Each test takes around 20 mins, therefore make sure you have enough time before you start. Much like the SJT, you’ll have to do so within seven days.

Stage 4: First Round Interview

If you are successful in thinking examinations, you’ll be welcomed to a phone meeting that will last around 45 moments. It’s about exploring your talent and typical behaviours. To accomplish this, we’ll ask questions about earlier experiences and circumstances.

Whenever you’re providing us examples of your talent doing his thing, please draw on specific circumstances through the final two or three many years. These situations could be drawn from your own scholastic knowledge, work experience or extra-curricular tasks.

Our company is committed to variety and inclusion. Assuring we hire a student talent no matter back ground, we operate a ‘CV blind’ recruitment plan at our phone meeting phase. Your interviewer could have no previous familiarity with your educational history - simply your name, graduate position and contact quantity.

Stage 5: Immersive Assessment Centre

Pass your telephone meeting and we’ll invite you to an assessment day. We’ll provide back ground information about a fictional organization, considering KPMG. All tasks through the day depends on that organization. Therefore in a sense, you’ll experience a ‘day within the life’ of a KPMG trainee.

Here’s exactly what a single day requires:

The Virtual Workplace Workout Is laptop-based. It simulates day-to-day situations. You’ll be given messages (including, emails, voicemails) and likely to prioritise and deal with different tasks within a period limitation.

The research Exercise is also laptop-based and lasts around an hour or so. We’ll ask you to review complex information and provide your suggestions in written kind.

In the Group Workout you will end up given some information, a few of which is the same for all prospects within the group plus some are special to you. You are going to need to work together in a project team presenting your action plan.

Succeed regarding the assessment day and you’ll be asked to complete a final meeting.

Stage 6: Final Interview

This is more in-depth than the first round interview. If you’ve applied for our Advisory company location, we'll in addition ask you to prepare a presentation.

If you are unsuccessful you are informed and we will follow up with a message to confirm your decision and gives the option to demand feedback.

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Interview with Nicky Binning, Head of HR & Recruitment at KPMG
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