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May 14, 2017
Inside a Prison

Job Profile ImagePrison officers supervise people who have already been found guilty of a crime, or who're 'on remand' and waiting to be on trial, in prisons and younger offenders' institutions.

The Task

As a businesses officer you could be:

  • on gate duty, keeping track of security associated with gate including automobiles and pedestrians entering and making the prison
  • satisfying visitors, logging them inside and outside, making certain they usually have permission to enter and supervising visits
  • fulfilling new prisoners, providing them with relevant information and issuing clothing
  • supervising prisoners in cells, at the office and in activity places and giving an answer to any disruptions or safety problems
  • tracking safety methods within the electronic control room, including closed circuit television (CCTV) and alarm systems
  • patrolling every area of this building as well as its environments
  • promoting susceptible prisoners and helping prepare prisoners for release through rehabilitation programmes

Officials of both genders provide in both male and feminine prisons. You can work your path up to the post of residential officer in the jail service (look at Getting On area).


From October 2015 the beginning wage for a recently recruited functions officer working for the Scottish Prison provider (SPS) is £17, 521 (£20, 000 for HMP Grampian) annually rising to £22, 245.

The income for a domestic officer ranges from £22, 427 to £28, 891. You may be granted extra payments, in almost any year, for exceptional service.


  • You may work within the jail, mainly indoors. However, you certainly will supervise outdoor activities.
  • The work may be literally and emotionally demanding. Could deal with the avoidance and handling of challenging bahaviour.
  • You may work shifts over a 37-hour few days, including nights and vacations.
  • You will use a consistent, which will be supplied.
  • You might have to go to obtain work.
  • You may well be in a position to work part time.

Getting Back In

  • You really must be an UK National, a Commonwealth Citizen, a British Protected individual or a national of this European Economic Area. For some posts you must have been resident in the UK for at the very least 36 months.
  • For entry you want 5 subjects at Standard grade amount 3 or above or National 5, including English and Maths. You might be capable use without skills when you yourself have experience of working with individuals in paid or voluntary work.
  • You must be aged over 18 to apply.
  • Check out the Scottish Prison provider web site for vacancies.
  • Apply direct using the on the web application procedure.
  • In the event your application meets the desired standard you'll be asked to wait a testing and understanding session which include numerical and spoken reasoning tests and a software type assessment.
  • In the event that you go this phase you may be asked to an assessment day that involves a competency based meeting and fitness test.
  • SPS after that expect successful candidates to go through pre-employment inspections which include character and company recommendations and a medical assessment, including substance abuse assessment.
  • You would need a satisfactory PVG (preserving Vulnerable teams) check to exhibit you might be suited to this kind of work. Contact Disclosure Scotland for details.

So what does it Just Take?

You must have:

  • exemplary interaction skills
  • good sense and an adult approach
  • a sense of duty and duty
  • confidence and assertiveness
  • sincerity and trustworthiness
  • a fair and unbiased attitude
  • patience and comprehending
  • a supportive, good and encouraging attitude.

You should be in a position to:

  • work with a wide range of people
  • adapt to various needs and circumstances
  • work nicely within a group and individually
  • follow and enforce strict processes
  • cope with pressure whilst remaining calm.
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