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May 16, 2020
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South-east, Central, East Midlands, North East, Scotland, Nationwide


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South East, South-west, North East, Scotland

Newcastle-upon-tyne, Scotland

To appear somewhat more to the difference between Scottish and UNITED KINGDOM graduates we took all of the graduates registered on that finished between 2009 and 2014. We split this number up between universities in Scotland and universities somewhere else in the UK. We then decided see what variations could possibly be attracted between Scottish students and remaining portion of the UK (rUK) graduates.

Degree ClassificationsSectors

These figures reveal typically the most popular areas that students like to work with. When registering with, graduates can pick multiple sectors that they wish to start their profession in. From the numbers we could note that a lot of the well-known areas tend to be comparable between graduates from both Scotland and the remaining UK. The sole significant distinction between the desired sectors of Scottish and rUK students is that while Human Resources is the sixth most desired location for rUK students missing out of this top 5 by 0.4%, as the quantity of Scottish graduates attempting to operate in Finance falls to ninth place in desired sectors missing out by 4.6percent.

Degree Classification

That is one of the most interesting discoveries we made when looking at the information and differences between the 2. We unearthed that in Scotland its a whole lot harder to get a higher category for your degree. As you can see from graph, in Scotland just 6per cent regarding the graduates registered on received an initial, as the number ended up being a lot higher in the remaining UK, at 9.8per cent. Equivalent may be sent applications for both next lower classifications of degree, the 2.1 and 2.2. Its only the third, at 7% across rUK's 3.8% that you will be very likely to receive.

% of graduates with work knowledgeDegree Courses

Both units of degrees examined by rUK and Scottish graduates things once more to very similar attitudes and educational pursuits. Like, from information we are able to observe that the most effective three best levels in britain are also the 3 best types of level in Scotland, with all the following three the same really in a different order. From this data, it is almost impossible to attract any conclusions except that similarity of both Scottish and rUK pupils' studying habits.

Work Knowledge

Whenever registering, we ask pupils and graduates whether they have done work experience or not and it is in this key employability factor that we come across a big change between Scottish and rUK gradautes. Whether it's an internship or a component time work, graduates from Scotland are much very likely to have work knowledge compared to those from the remaining portion of the UK. However, the difference is indeed small that no particular summary is drawn as a result.

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