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May 24, 2020
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Hottest sectors for students from Southampton£17.5K BASIC (+ UNCAPPED FEE) plus advantages plus OTE plus added bonus

Competitive plus benefits


£20000 to £22000 per year negotiable

Competitive plus benefits plus Bonus

South-east, Central, East Midlands, North-east, Scotland, Nationwide


South-east, Central, West Midlands, Wales, Nationwide


Graduates from each of Southampton's universities are distinguished with their quality, whether this be their particular educational prowess, career ambitions or work preparedness. As a result of this graduates from the Southern Coast city will always popular from companies therefore we desired to understand what made them therefore unlike students across the great britain.

Degree classifications for graduates from SouthamptonTo try this we looked to within data posted by graduates from both University of Southampton and Southampton Solent University if they registered on We looked at the data submitted for individuals who graduated amongst the many years 2009 and 2014 to see what reviews could possibly be attracted between students from that town and students through the other countries in the UNITED KINGDOM. By considering this we're able to see exactly why this kind of set of students were so sought-after by graduate employers and recruitment teams.


When considering trends current among students from a specific area or town, we looked over the most popular areas plumped for by graduates. Whilst alternatives produced by graduates from Southampton are not completely dissimilar from those selected because of the uk all together, there are specific nuisances which can be read from results.

Most of the sectors based in the British top 5 may found in the top 5 sectors from the graduates of Southampton. This consists of Marketing, Management, marketing Public Relations and Banking.

percent of graduates from Southampton with work experienceOne interesting result as you are able to see from preferred profession areas of students from Southampton is an inclination to more imaginative choices. The addition of Media within the top five best sectors is certainly one indication with this, while also the way in which advertising and advertising additionally appears as a far more preferred option amongst students from Southampton in comparison to the UNITED KINGDOM.

Degree Classifications

Degree classifications can often be a tricky someone to compare, especially when evaluating towns or areas with just a few or just one university. While this might not be many dependable barometer of a graduate's attainment while their studies at institution it will offer hook sign of success and work rate. While for Southampton's graduates this does show partly their attract graduate companies.

An impressive 9.6percent of graduates from universities in Southampton received an initial Class Degree with their efforts, just marginally behind the national average of 9.8% of students. This should be of no issue particularly when you look on impressive quantity of students got another classification of an Upper second-class level (2.1). A tremendously good 52.4% of students got this category, that was higher than the national average of 48.1percent.

Work Knowledge

Work knowledge is increasingly becoming a key element in terms of deciding a graduate's suitability or aptitude for work. Businesses like to see students that submit an application for opportunities which have a grounding in what the work calls for or already have some professional expertise in the sector or role. Because of this pupils from Southampton try not to fare defectively whatsoever.

A decent 13.5per cent of students from Southampton have been able to get some work knowledge, simply somewhat behind the national average of 16.6per cent. Although this is lower than the nationwide average, Southampton does fare better than comparable sized places like Brighton, Leicester and Norwich.

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