Graduate Internship Scheme Recruitment

November 27, 2016
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Federal Govt. Subsidy Re-investment and
Empowerment Programme, Graduate
Internship Scheme
Invite For Expression Of Interest For
The Scholar Internship Scheme Of This
Community Providers, Women And Youth
Job Programme Underneath The Social
Safety Net Component
Subsidy Re-investment and Empowerment
Programme (SURE-P) Graduate Internship
1.) In line with Mr. President’s vow to
mitigate the spate of childhood
jobless in the country through
the re-investment of subsidy resources,
the Federal Government features initiated the
graduate Internship Scheme under the
Personal back-up part of Subsidy
Reinvestment and Empowerment
Programme (SURE-P). The ultimate goal is
to lessen jobless among
students and stimulate financial
development, as part of concern transformation
schedule associated with present administrative,
whilst enhancing opportunities
towards the attainment of Vision 2020.
2.) The scheme gets the goal to
create possibilities for unemployed
graduates to-be involved for a time period of
one (1) year in reputable corporations and
establishments, make it possible for all of them get skills
and knowledge and improve their
employability. The plan would be a
kind of cooperation with companies and
establishments in which they get no-cost labour
and undertake to groom and guide the
interns to obtain abilities on-the-job
experience while federal government pays
stipends towards the interns. This can assist
equip students towards meeting the
needs of employers in the current
labour marketplace. Interns would-be deployed
to firms and establishments inside their regions of
residence for convenience.
3.) Interns would-be deployed according
on relevance of their discipline toward
companies. This will not only enhance
manpower development but will also
broaden the applicant's expertise. And
these interns would be under close
direction for the duration, to ensure
4.) Eligibilty Criteria:
The plan targets unemployed
graduates (women and men less
than 40 years) that ready to
be involved for a short-term amount of
a year in organizations and institutions to
acquire skills;
Individuals will need to have completed a
People will need to have completed the
mandotory NYSC or exempted
5.) Tips Apply:
The Federal Government of Nigeria
hereby invites interested unemployed
graduates to convey curiosity about the
plan by visiting
to accomplish and publish application forms
The application form will probably be prepared on first
come first offer basis for 50, 000
interns and choice will be merit-based.
Take note that information is going to be
confirmed before consideration for
6.) Disclaimer:
This advertisement is published for
information functions only and really should maybe not
be construed as dedication or
obligation for SURE-P to prize
employment agreement.
SURE-P will never be in charge of any
expenses or expenses sustained by any
interested applicant relating to
submitting of a credit card applicatoin or any
reaction to a query.
SURE-P is certainly not bound to shortlist any
applicant and reserves the right to decline
or annul the application procedure at any
time without incurring any obligation and
assigning any reason indeed there for;
Just shortlisted people may be
considered and contacted.

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