Graduate schemes in Bristol

August 22, 2017

Top 5 sectors for graduates from BristolBath, Bournemouth, Bristol, Plymouth, Exeter


£18 to £20k per annum + uncapped commission plus advantages

Competitive plus benefits


The West, Glasgow, Cardiff, Northern Ireland, Ipswich

£16, 000 to £18, 000 according to experience wage analysis

Around £34, 000 based knowledge plus advantages plus OTE


We wanted to discover how students from Bristol differed from those from about the united states in terms of career aspirations, scholastic achievement and work experience.

Degree classifications for graduates from BristolTo do that, we looked over students just who licensed with in the last five years to observe how their particular most well known areas line-up against nationwide styles, exactly how their particular degree classifications compare, and if their rates of work knowledge act like those from remaining UNITED KINGDOM.


The five top areas for students from Bristol match those from graduates across the country: Management, Marketing, marketing pr, Banking and Finance, but one crucial huge difference turns up: sectors like marketing advertising and Marketing tend to be more well-liked by students from Bristol. Advertising is opted for by 30.3percent of pupils from Bristol, within the nationwide average of 28.3per cent, and marketing advertising is chosen by 26.1% of graduates from Bristol universities compared to only 22.3per cent of students from remaining UNITED KINGDOM.

Work knowledge for students from BristolDegree Classification

The results of our research tv show that Bristol creates astute and hardworking students. Of Bristol's students, 11% have the top classification of a First Class degree—slightly in front of the nationwide average of 9.8percent. Nevertheless the quality of Bristol's graduates can definitely be viewed within the 54.5per cent just who attained an Upper second-class (2:1) degree, much higher versus nationwide average of 48.1%.

Work Knowledge

Graduates from Bristol have actually shown themselves becoming hardworking—17.7percent are able to make work knowledge alongside their particular studies, above the national average of 16.6percent. Bristol can be above similar towns and cities like Leeds (15.2per cent), Manchester (15.2per cent) and Newcastle (15.1%). Excellent development for graduates from Bristol, as companies usually give consideration to work knowledge as a key consider a graduate’s employability.

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