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February 26, 2020
Why Attend?

If you are looking to reside and work in Scotland talentscotland.com can offer information and help on:

  • Scottish lifestyle information
  • Visa, immigration and moving guidance
  • Info on industries, companies and job vacancies in Scotland
  • Graduate placements
  • Information on studying in Scotland
  • TalentScotland have actually three main departments, each with yet another remit.
  • Managed by Scottish developing Overseas, TalentScotland advertise the latest tasks accessible to internationally based professionals, home elevators businesses in Scotland and overviews regarding the four business areas inside their remit, energy, life sciences, electronic devices and economic solutions.

    This department is also responsible for interviews with intercontinental professionals who are making the relocate to Scotland already along with informative data on Scottish life style.

  • Relocation Advisory Service Visa, immigration and moving advice, with home elevators studying in Scotland is managed by TalenScotland's Relocation Advisory Service (RAS), part of the Scottish Government's Fresh skill effort. RAS assists both people and businesses with concerns regarding visas, immigration, moving and other components of going, or taking employees, to Scotland from overseas.

    The Fresh skill effort has also the aim of encouraging worldwide pupils to function in Scotland after effective conclusion of these scientific studies.

  • Managed by Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Scottish Enterprise, it is designed to help Scottish businesses develop operating efficiency and increase profitability and competitiveness including give organizations access to the relevant skills and familiarity with Scotland's best students. The programme additionally provides students valuable experience working with Scotland's revolutionary and forward thinking employers.
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Source: www.hie.co.uk
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