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February 14, 2022
Save Wales from the Welsh:

Post-it-notes-newBy Christian Kelsey

Having talked to a number of people in English and explaining that In addition speak Welsh, many of them choose talk Welsh in my opinion after realising that i actually do, as you would anticipate. Something similar to ‘I’m doing a Welsh level see..’ makes the response ‘O I ti? Fi’n siarad Cymraeg hefyd…’ (Oh can it be? I also speak Welsh). I realise that this is certainly very a friendly dialect of Welsh that i simply noted however the point i will be trying to make is the fact that a lot of people do have enough confidence to talk their mom tongue, which will be applauded.

However, this doesn’t constantly happen. Naturally, you can find those who I have fulfilled who worry that their Welsh isn’t sufficient to be used inside the workplace and deem it as also informal to talk with their colleagues. This may be down to the fact they certainly were raised in a Welsh speaking family, speak in a colloquial (Southern/Northern) dialect that they worry won’t be comprehended, or that they believe they need to understand every term in Welsh and not use any English. Last week, an employee user at Swansea University library told me ‘Sain siarad Cymraeg yn aml yn y gweithle achos safon Cymraeg fi’n awful’ (we don’t speak Welsh in work often because my standard of language is awful). How exactly does one measure standard? It baffles me personally.

Consider carefully your utilization of the English language. Whenever you are talking to a buddy or co-worker, exactly how precisely do you really talk to them? My estimate is informally and easily. The Welsh language should be no various. Some academics would argue that standard is very important when it comes the Welsh language concerning conserve it from degenerating but after investing four years performing a Welsh language level, I would then argue that with the language impurely is better than staying away from it at all. Needless to say, written down, professionalism is key in every day message, slang and familiarity are foundational to. Hence, despite the fact that professionalism is required inside the office, below are a few ideas obtainable about using Welsh informally, perhaps regarding the phone, together with your co-workers or consumers;

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