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March 23, 2015
Criminology Careers & Salaries

As a criminology graduate with crucial thinking, analytical and communications abilities, you are attractive to companies both inside and outside the unlawful justice industry

Job options

Jobs straight related to your degree include:

Jobs in which your level is of good use include:

Remember that many businesses accept programs from students with any degree subject, so cannot restrict your thinking on tasks right here.

Work knowledge

Companies value encounter and a range of paid and voluntary opportunities exist. These include make use of offenders, criminal justice companies, personal work and community education divisions, and sufferers of crime. Certain functions consist of jail visiting, working as a unique constable, and participation in drug treatment systems or youth/bail hostels for youthful offenders.

Some programs provide a placement year, which is often especially beneficial in assisting you to try a particular section of work and develop great associates for future tasks.

Think about the team or the environment you are interested in using and how you have access to involved with local organizations or projects. Narrowing down your preferences will assist you to consider particular companies and voluntary organisations.

Typical businesses

Major companies consist of:

  • central and local government;
  • the authorities and jail solutions;
  • the courtroom solutions;
  • security services;
  • non-profit-making organisations, including the NHS, educational establishments and charities that really work with youthful offenders or victims of criminal activity.

Possibilities also occur in private industry, for instance in private security and in legislation practices.

You can also work in a variety of social welfare posts, such psychological state assistance and medication rehabilitation, housing (as housing officials or perhaps in outreach support functions), as homelessness officials, as well as in refugee and sufferer support/counselling.

Discover all about companies in-law administration and protection, personal treatment, charity and voluntary work, along with other task areas.

Skills for your CV

Learning criminology develops your knowledge of the personal and private facets of criminal activity, victimisation and answers to crime and deviance, along with creating particular abilities such as:

  • creating and assessing evidence;
  • making reasoned arguments and moral judgments;
  • vital thinking;
  • examining and interpreting information;
  • report writing.

In the event that you learn various other topics alongside criminology, you should look at the complementary abilities they give you , like, an elevated awareness of psychology or politics related to criminology subjects.

Also consider carefully your even more general skills in places like research, written and oral communication, IT, time management additionally the capacity to work productively in both friends and separately.

Further study

Some pupils elect to progress to Masters classes, including MAs in criminology or criminal justice, that'll improve subject understanding, possibly with a view to going on to advance academic research. Classes highly relevant to particular client groups also exist, including a Masters in alcohol and drug scientific studies.

Additionally, there are numerous postgraduate classes in which a degree in virtually any topic is acknowledged for entry, providing the chance to change profession path. Locate a program that interests you, search postgraduate classes.

Exactly what do criminology students do?

Three-quarters of criminology graduates come in employment 6 months after finishing their training course.

Three for the top five professions held by criminology students employed in great britain tend to be police officers, childhood and community workers, and other benefit and housing experts.

Location Percentage
Employed 75.7
Further study 8.2
Operating and learning 4.6
Unemployed 6.7
Various Other
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