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October 2, 2022
Sony Global - Global Careers

At Funding Circle we’re altering society. And we’re carrying it out compliment of a unique doing work environment and an incredible team. When you have the ambition to help replace the face of one of biggest industries in the field – banking – and assist solve a number of the biggest difficulties our economic climate deals with, our company is the company for your needs.

Funding Circle could be the world’s leading market for loans. We’re dealing with the worldwide bank operating system and finding an easy method for businesses to borrow and investors to lend, by connecting them together. We have been helping small businesses to grow, generating 1000s of tasks over the British and changing the resides of business owners, and also at the same time assisting people earn a return on their hard earned money.

We’re one of several quickest growing startups in the field with a group in London and San Francisco plus than $300 million raised from same individuals who backed Twitter, Facebook and Skype.

Stuart Robinson

So can be you a finance business?


We may operate in the finance business, but at our core we're a technology business that does finance. Our development over the past five years has positioned united states during the forefront for the fintech revolution. We require designers whom embrace the challenge of using among world’s quickest growing organizations and making them into among the world’s biggest companies.

There’s never already been a far better time and energy to join. We have been embracing brand-new technology, whether it’s linked to our base platform of Ruby, JavaScript or our developing Clojure staff. We all know that getting and keep carefully the most useful individuals we have to give them great difficulties, best tools together with freedom to create choices.

Greenfield startups are great, but growing and innovating on a system already pressing an incredible number of transactions through it, is where the great designers advance.

Don’t take our word for it, come and talk with our manufacturing staff these days. The thing you need to lose could be the sense of missing out on joining a phenomenal business in the same way things tend to be needs to get enjoyable.

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