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February 7, 2022
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Graduation is a very important stage in the life of every person, because after it you need to find a job. Some people seek their path spontaneously, others have already decided in advance what they will do after their studies. The latter applies to those who have decided to devote their lives to sports: gymnastics, football, swimming, equestrianism, etc. But it should be borne in mind that for many sports, spending money on equipment is necessary in order to achieve an excellent result. Equestrian sports are a great example of how your training and performance depends on equestrian equipment.

Winter equipment

In winter, more than ever, you need to warm up not only yourself, but also warm your four-legged hoofed companion. Ride with a cooler or a quarter sheet to keep the horses' muscles warm during the ride.

Be sure to have a warm hat under your helmet, and socks must be in your boots with a magnetic sole for a safety stirrup. By the way, this most secure stirrup can be used both in summer and winter in any weather: snow, rain, hail, etc. It provides good grip with the foot, which prevents falls.

Summer outfit

Summer equipment is represented by the same necessary things, except of warm clothes. At such a time, it is already possible to ride both in the fields and in the forest, and not only in the arena, but you still should not forget about your safety, so do not put the safety stirrups aside, let them always be with you while riding. No matter how hot it is, do not take off your helmet, because it is the guarantee of your safety too!

Of course, you may need spurs, a horsewhip, gaiters, but these are not mandatory equipment, so it is your choice whether to buy them or not.

Photo by Grace Earley from Pexels

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