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August 23, 2022
College Graduates Are

RCCC Oct 19 - 099CONCORD, N.C. — Rowan-Cabarrus Community College is pleased to announce the present graduation regarding the third class of licensed manufacturing Technicians. Students with little-to-no manufacturing knowledge tend to be securing employment through this no-cost eight-week training program.

The seven graduates for this rigorous training course have actually changed themselves into career-ready manufacturing pros in just eight brief weeks. Within the vermont Manufacturing Institute effort they usually have gained knowledge and skills safely, quality assurance, manufacturing procedures and upkeep understanding.

Individuals who haven’t considered manufacturing as viable job choice or people that have no experience with the field shouldn't be discouraged from pursuing this program.

“This system is for anyone who wishes a good work – it willn’t matter exactly what your background is, it matters exacltly what the future is, ” said Craig Lamb, vice president of corporate and continuing education at Rowan-Cabarrus.

At this time, four for the seven students have actually acknowledged provides of work, with other people waiting to know right back after finishing the last round of meeting process. As a whole, 22 regarding the program’s 27 students have actually guaranteed full-time work.

“I will take all the guidance directed at me and apply it day-after-day, ” stated graduate Stephanie Proctor, now employed by Agility gas Systems. “i'm a much better and more intelligent person and worker due to this experience.”

Also bookkeeping the current layoffs at Freightliner, no business in this area is generating jobs in bigger figures and developing faster than manufacturing. Local manufacturers like Perdue Foods, S&D coffee-and Agility Fuel techniques have actually partnered using the Rowan and Cabarrus chambers of commerce and financial development leaders and Rowan-Cabarrus Community College to construct a training program designed to prepare people for tasks within the high-tech and growing area of production.

“Manufacturing tasks tend to be one of the quickest developing into the country. Actually, 13.7 % of private-sector tasks are in manufacturing, ” said Robert Van Geons, executive director for RowanWORKS, Economic Development. “These may well-paying tasks with advantages, with a typical yearly wage of $68, 887.”

The development and interest in these clean, high-tech jobs has resulted in increased need for a qualified workforce. Selected participants enroll in this system free of charge, through help from local makers.

“Our scholarship investment, financed by neighborhood employers, ensures that we could provide this training at no cost into person. In addition they intend to hire a number of the students, ” stated Lamb. “Individuals train 20 hours per week for an overall total of eight weeks. Upon conclusion, they have been skilled for 90 per cent of production jobs in our location.”

Employing supervisors through the vermont Manufacturing Institute partner companies receive the graduates’ resumes and therefore are invited into university university to generally meet the students for an initial meeting to kick-off their particular look for work. Follow-up interviews and will be offering in many cases are a direct result of this event.

The 3rd class of graduates includes:

  • Steve Brewer,
  • Angela Buchanan,
  • Brian Matheny,
  • West Odell,
  • Stephanie Proctor,
  • Liz Severt, and
  • Wendy Vandevere.

“These four females and three men are outstanding and all is dependable, dependable, and exemplary employees, ” said Mark Seifel, trainer the class with more than three decades of manufacturing and company experience. “I admire them for punctuality, dedication for the complete eight-week education period, and their particular teamwork. Each Of Them challenged, helped and supported each other when preparing the four individual Production Ability Guidelines Council assessments that they had been required to pass in order to become a fully certified manufacturing specialist.”

The fourth-class is currently underway, however the next eight-week training program begins in February. Any person thinking about the training program must go to an orientation or Discovery Session. The following Discovery Sessions will likely to be held on Tuesday, January 26, at 5:30 p.m. regarding College’s North Campus in Salisbury (area 4126), on Tuesday, February 2, at 9 a.m. at College’s Cabarrus Business and Technology Center (CBTC) in Concord (place 9281), and on Monday, February 8, at 2 p.m. at NCWorks profession Center in Salisbury (1904 S. Main St.). Get details, including how exactly to register for the sessions at

The qualified Production professional system is part of a larger effort labeled as the vermont Manufacturing Institute, which aims to build an obvious and attainable path for individuals to get skills to access great production tasks in our local community, as it's specifically made to connect and leverage the prevailing possessions of Rowan and Cabarrus counties to solve an increasing gap between local job hunters and offered roles.

The effort ended up being conceived during meetings with frontrunners from Rowan and Cabarrus counties from both chambers of trade, economic development authorities, the Centralina Workforce Development Board and Rowan-Cabarrus Community university.

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More Jobs Available To College Graduates Than Previous Years
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