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May 8, 2016
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4 years, 9 months ago


We have finished a Business level, majoring in Marketing and control, and now have already been applying for graduate postions also basic level advertising and marketing/admin associate postions, but I'm nonetheless not having much chance. I happened to be wondering if you know of any recruitment companies that would be able to provide myself a hand? I spoken to individuals at Hays etc, nevertheless they state they don't actually work with fresh students.

Any suggestions would-be greatly valued

4 many years, 9 months ago

Hi Mish,

I do maybe not understand of every graduate recruitment companies and to be truthful students often get neglected by recruitment agencies in Australia. This really is typically as the typical wage for a graduate is certainly not high enough and recruitment agents tend to be paid, usually on comission. There's been quite many posts about it particular topic and now one recruitment representative has ever before come to the site and said which they make use of graduates, so this makes me believe there is not many available.

Do you make an application for any graduate programs this current year? When do you graduate and so are you trying to begin today?

Many Thanks,


4 years, 9 months ago

Sorry, i did so have a loo to se if there were any kind of articles on this topic, but my sleuthing skills are boviously not properly!

I've applied for grad roles, but i have been refused, I think mainly because of my grades. With grad postions that do not have a GPA requirement, I have close, but don't seem to be making it over the range.

We graduated in July 2010, and are happy to begin working when! Whether or not it's the next day, or next year. I recently really want a job, even in the event it really is lined up in the near future

4 years, 9 months ago

Hey Mish,

Sorry I was perhaps not providing you with difficulty about perhaps not searching through our discussion boards first :) simply stating that it was a typical quesiton. I am thrilled to answer questions lots considering that the more information which out there, the higher these forums will the graduate community.

Marketing and advertising is normally a hard business to break while there is larger quantity of graduates than you will find advertising and marketing specific tasks. I might look for entry level roles in organisations that have marketing groups after which working the right path into the place you prefer. Generally speaking during these type of sectors, whom you understand can go an extended long distance.

Think all recruitment agencies are the same – think again
Think all recruitment agencies are the same – think again
£4.6 million boost for graduate recruitment & internships
£4.6 million boost for graduate recruitment & internships
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