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November 9, 2018
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The principles regulating scheme administration tend to be put down within the Single Euro Payments region (SEPA) Scheme Management Internal procedures (see below).

SEPA scheme administration comprises two functions. The initial purpose involves the management for the SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT) and SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) Schemes and the procedure for ensuring conformity with their rules, as set-out in all the respective rulebooks. The next function involves handling the maintenance and advancement for the schemes entrusted by the European repayments Council (EPC) to the Scheme Management Board.

Management and conformity

The management and conformity purpose of SEPA system management establishes and is applicable guidelines and processes for administering the adherence procedure into SCT and SDD Schemes. The management and conformity purpose in addition covers situations of advertised non-compliance by scheme individuals using the scheme principles in circumstances in which scheme individuals can't fix their particular grievances through local or national dispute quality practices.

The administration and conformity processes try to make sure that the SCT and SDD Schemes tend to be administered in a fair and transparent manner at every phase according to the rulebooks and general axioms of relevant law.

Maintenance and evolution

The upkeep and development purpose of SEPA plan management establishes and is applicable formal modification management treatments for the advancement associated with SCT and SDD Schemes. The alteration management procedures seek to make certain that the systems tend to be kept appropriate for people and current, with structured processes for initiating and applying changes on schemes, the rulebooks and associated documentation. An essential part of modification management is the inclusion of innovative tips for enhancing the grade of existing schemes.

The upkeep and development function provides an organized and transparent means whereby scheme participants, users and companies can engage in a dialogue with all the EPC, in order that proposals for change are freely considered by all appropriate functions.

Role of the Scheme Management Board

The Scheme Management Board is responsible for carrying out listed here features of SEPA Scheme control:

Scheme Management features

  • Management of the upkeep therefore the evolution of EPC Schemes (supported by the Scheme Evolution and Maintenance Working Group).
  • Interacting with each other utilizing the system end-users and appropriate stakeholders (Scheme End-User Forum).
  • Interaction with clearing and settlement mechanisms as well as other technical providers (Scheme Technical Forum)

Compliance features, delegated because of the EPC Charter together with SEPA Scheme control Internal Rules toward Compliance and Adherence Committee

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