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March 18, 2016
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  • Can you enjoy working with people?
  • Would you like daily to-be various and difficult?
  • Have you been diligent, sensitive and non-judgemental?

If yes, you should consider a career in social attention, very early years or social work.

They are all very rewarding job options while they include enabling, establishing and making good differences to your everyday lives of other individuals. Our careers pages offer details about the various profession choices plus of good use sources to obtain your job started.

Have you got a particular career path or task role in your mind?

Navigate directly to the after pages:

A career in personal treatment might be available job other individuals, want for making certain they could live independently in accordance with dignity, if you wish to develop yourself through work based education and qualifications.

A career in social treatment

A career in early years and childcare could be available if you're interested in assisting young ones from birth to school-age reach their particular complete potential by encouraging their particular development. A selection of instruction options are available, including apprenticeships and college or work based qualifications.

A profession during the early years and childcare

A career in social work could possibly be a great choice available if you're a definite reasoning, determined, and mature one who is not hard to trust, good at evaluating circumstances, can stay calm in a crisis and capable complete the required training; a diploma or Masters level in Social Work.

Nonetheless can’t discover the information you need?

The resources page details our job products possesses a great deal of information in a range of formats, including booklets, video clips and podcasts.

Information could be entirely on our Facebook page, Care jobs Wales. Follow us to ensure you are kept informed of relevant news and updates.

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