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June 23, 2015
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HEFCW sponsored the Graduate Opportunities Wales (GO Wales) programme, which assisted HE students and graduates in Wales to get work - or work experience - and inspired Welsh companies to check to home-grown talent to meet their particular high-level abilities requirements. The existing GO Wales task completed after 2014. HEFCW intends to submit an application for European Structural Funding for a new period of GO Wales in 2015.

The programme had been delivered from universities and supplied services to undergraduates, students and companies throughout Wales.

Providers included:

  • work tasters for pupils and students enabling all of them to learn more about their particular selected career
  • compensated work placements for pupils and students
  • financial help for SMEs to teach and develop their graduate level staff
  • a Graduate Academy Programme to greatly help underemployed and unemployed students to access work and work knowledge while building their particular advanced abilities
  • a Freelancers Academy programme for the people wishing to explore and take their very first steps towards an independent career
Source: www.hefcw.ac.uk
go wales ict project
go wales ict project
Zip Wire North Wales..Go Pro Hero 4 Silver I must be mad!
Zip Wire North Wales..Go Pro Hero 4 Silver... I must be mad!
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