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January 8, 2020
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Toys play a huge role for children of all peoples of the world. They acquire not only the function of play, but also teaching beliefs and rituals, develop creative abilities of the child and teach him modern way of life.Unlike ordinary dolls, African dolls and safari toy animals, for example, were made not only as toys for girls. Often they reflected various religious beliefs and ritual practices of communities as little fertility deities.

In Africa they say: "A tree bends while it is young. If you deprive children of attention, you nurture a crocodile in your own home." For the mischief of the little rascal, they always ask their parents. In Ghana, for example, local ladies go to akomo anoki, a sorcerer, before having a child. Sex of the baby is discussed with the husband in advance. In this campaign, the future mother is accompanied by the oldest woman of the family. The sorcerer enters a trance and asks to bring him a piece of dvene from the forest, a sacred tree (so strong that a decoction from it cures leprosy and syphilis). When the tree is not cut down, the sorcerer makes a libation of sacred water, which is mixed with no less sacred clay, in a special place. Sometimes such a liquid is smeared on the stomach of a fruitless woman. After a few days, the husband is allowed to cut out a non-akuaba, a fertility doll, from a tree.

Currently, toy African animals are also in great demand. Safari animals figurines are inexpensive, eco-friendly and bear symbolism of the animal world of this continent. Wooden safari animals smell nice and are harmless to the child's health: they can not choke, break teeth or get hurt. That is why these toys are purchased not only by African mothers, but also by women from all continents, in order to develop the child's Outlook and please him with an interesting toy.

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