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March 24, 2016
Transport for London Careers

Step 1: Application form and situational talents test

The application process begins with a brief application form for which you'll be expected to accomplish:

  • standard information about your knowledge and work experience
  • eligibility concerns

You'll then be expected to accomplish a situational skills test. This particular test is founded on a number of typical scenarios, the type you might encounter in your graduate plan or pupil placement. It will ask you to consider the situations and that which you might do in those circumstances, before asking you to choose a response from a summary of several options. These questions are created to show united states the method that you respond to certain situations and gives united states a significantly better idea about whether you'd enjoy dealing with us, or possess general talents to be successful right here.

We only accept one application per part, per year, therefore it is imperative that you totally think about all options you might be eligible for before publishing your application.

We’d like to describe in detail Bins and Storage Baskets.

Even though you've applied before, please go ahead and apply again as long as it isn't in the same year.


  • It is important that you answer the situational strength test truly - we're enthusiastic about what you should do within these circumstances, perhaps not that which you think is the proper response
  • The situational skills test is not a knowledge test - the circumstances supply an insight into the sorts of circumstances you might experience, you don't have to have worked here to resolve them
  • Choose your solution on the basis of the information supplied - this test isn't timed, in order to work at your pace

Step 2: Online capability testing

We'll request you to complete an on-line numerical thinking test. If you're applying for our manufacturing systems, we will additionally request you to sit an on-line inductive thinking test.

Numerical tests measure your ability in order to make proper choices or inferences from numerical or statistical information. We want to see if you can work with numerical information in a realistic workplace environment.

Inductive reasoning examinations measure your ability to draw inferences, plus ability to understand the interactions between numerous ideas, irrespective of your current general knowledge.

*Please note: we might ask you to complete additional examinations at later on phases in choice process so that the quality of one's web test results.

  • Do the real test in a quiet area - you only get one possiblity to complete it and interruptions will set you back seconds
  • You've got five days to perform the tests but once you've begun, you will need to finish them within the time given

Step three: Video interview

The video clip interview was designed to examine your passion and enthusiasm for doing work for united states on the scheme you've requested. In addition it gives us the opportunity to discover more about your talent and behaviours.

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