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May 20, 2016
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The Bacardi’s development viewpoint, which defines development as in 3 ways (for staff members):

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Formal Instruction – come in contact with the proper combination of mastering tasks.

Coaching and Mentoring – be involved with high-value on-thejob learning tasks.
Challenging profession Experiences – be allowed to extract and apply learning to their particular day-today work.


At Bacardi, we believe in making use of a broad definition of marketing to encourage and support the development of our folks. Our concept of promotion is more than simply vertical development on a vocation road in the organization. Moreover it can sometimes include horizontal as well as moves to functions with lesser obligation in order to broaden a person’s knowledge, planning and skillset aided by the ultimate goal of moving into a higher place.

Career-path device

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To boost the introduction of our interior talent, our company is generating a complicated, but enjoyable, careerpath design. This program is named YOUniverse and will rollout in financial 2015. This device offers staff members ways to map career paths and explore the functions or experiences necessary to achieve their career goals. It details alreadyacquired abilities, and those that must be discovered to move forward. YOUniverse has gotten really positive comments from staff members with tested the model.

The Bacardi Marketing Method

To be able to spend money on our talent and produce the most effective & most enviable advertising and marketing neighborhood in the spirits industry, we're going to:

  • Encourage and support every Marketer to be top they can be
  • Enable every Marketer aided by the right skills, procedures and tools

The Bacardi advertising Way is our method to make this change occur. It helps us provide world-class performance and growth by establishing competencies and habits to be regularly more powerful as well as much better at advertising all over Bacardi globe.

We're going to utilize our new advertising Competency Framework to articulate the required steps to be a world-class marketer – and what it takes to win – regardless of the specific degree or role within the business (worldwide, Business Unit or nation). Every Marketer will comprehend the critical abilities we need to succeed, and through self-assessment, we will see plainly our collective strengths and development places.

These outcomes will inform the next section of The Bacardi Marketing Method additionally the design of appropriate 70/20/10 learning initiatives to guide personal development. They also be used in development talks and plainly determine profession paths.

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