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January 22, 2017
Location: Sydney

Graduate CVs and task applications: they are able to take just as much preparation and planning as an article or project write-up. Here we cover the fundamentals of how to tackle internet based programs, format a graduate CV and come up with a covering page. Perhaps you’ve got some gaps in your history, don’t learn how to handle your extracurricular tasks, or you are stuck in dissertation writing mode and can’t fit everything on two sides of A4? Find ideas to highlight your absolute best self and writing guidance to display your talent without wasting area. (check out our job looking resources page if you are wanting example graduate CVs and cover letters.)

A great CV is vital to get the graduate job you need therefore take time to get it appropriate. A well-crafted CV will show your profession passions and highlight your many appropriate skills and work expertise in the way recruiters like.

If a graduate workplace needs a CV they'll wish a covering letter too. Do not miss out on this extra opportunity to showcase your talent and passion. It might be only one page of A4, nonetheless it make an impact to the popularity of your graduate application.

Your cv or application is the way graduate businesses will find down everything you've already been performing along with your life to date. If you have had gaps during your knowledge or working life, here's exactly how put a positive spin in it.

Mainfreight Graduate Jobs (applications open now!)
Mainfreight Graduate Jobs (applications open now!)
Woolworths Limited Graduate Jobs (applications open now!)
Woolworths Limited Graduate Jobs (applications open now!)
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