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October 16, 2018
What We Look For

For further information and opportunities to assist you to handle the transition from student life to professional life overseas, be sure to consult other websites by hitting "Information and tasks for students" in "relevant Links".

Finally: significantly more than 800 EURES advisers will be ready to advise and help you on all matters pertaining to the European employment market. Start with calling a EURES Adviser in your nation of residence. There is contact information of EURES Advisers by clicking on "Contact a EURES Adviser".

Researchers’ careers

Researchers can benefit from possibilities to learn or work with other Associate States and reap the benefits of a European Researchers’ Mobility Portal. A unique site - EURAXESS - Researchers in movement is currently available with a broad range of services. Its a one-stop search for scientists wanting to advance their particular professions and private development by going to other countries. This free, personalised service is there to provide you with comprehensive, up-to-date information on job vacancies and funding opportunities in every field of study throughout Europe. Moreover it acts as an initial slot of call on the main topic of your rights, as well as those of research and funding institutions, and offers several links that will help you both pre and post you move. For further information, please make reference to "Related topics".

Education and training

The European Commission runs numerous programmes, which supply education and training possibilities throughout European countries to both pupils and instructors. Extra information can be acquired in the "discovering" section of this portal. See in addition "associated links" about this web page and the "Education and Training" pages.


Take note that "lifestyle and Working" element of the EURES portal provides additional specs for specific EURES member nations within the "Hints & guidelines" fact sheets part.

You can also find responses to many other questions regarding the European Union plus the free motion of people to live, study and work in another Member State in EUROPA portal

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Job Vacancies - Portsmouth Guildhall
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