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January 23, 2016
Robert Half Cardiff

Stafforce Recruitment has been an integral recruiter in Newport, Southern Wales since 2010. Our recruitment staff assist regional employers to supply large prestigious businesses high quality workers on a regular basis.

With regional companies, the South Wales part works inside food production industry with an important seafood organization just who offer branded seafood services and products across the country and Stafforce Recruitment offer meals production operatives and assemblers to the brand.

We in addition work with Orangebox, a British market frontrunner in research, development, make and service seating. We have been the only real provider for Orange field and then we recruit employees for assorted functions including FLT motorists, customer service, despatch, sewing machinist, upholsterers, system operatives, cutters and tabling.

The Southern Wales recruitment company is regarded as 25 various other branches, onsite operation and recruitment hubs that provide the utmost effective high quality guaranteed employees and specialise in several industry areas, including commercial, meals production, commercial, technical and ports.

gap personnel launch in south wales
gap personnel launch in south wales
Wayne Lyons - Executive Recruitment Agencies Australia
Wayne Lyons - Executive Recruitment Agencies Australia
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