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March 27, 2016
Current Account Switch

We used on the web. The method took 3+ months. We interviewed at Royal Bank of Scotland in February 2016.


I have created some rather step-by-step comments as a thanks for all the helpful feedback this amazing site provided and helped me with my RBS Assessment Centre, enjoy and good-luck!

The AC was at Edinburgh even though I applied for London, the program had already been changed to Edinburgh and, it seems the majority of the tasks are up there.

Ensure you see where precise area is actually for the AC since the website is massive and most grads visited not the right spot, the spot is a little white household its actually unassuming! Most grads arrived early although you never begin until near 10am that will be great as you get acquainted with most of the various other prospects, in addition, you reach discover that you will find grads on same AC for various programs.

The AC ended up being divided in to 4 areas;

1. Group Workout: this is okay, 6 people only speaking about features as well as other subjects about a cellular financial app, brand-new information keeps on popping up in the scene. Make sure you actually map completely and simplify every little thing your agreeing on as the advancing through, the time allocation had not been problematic within my opinion.

2. Presentation: 1-1 presentation part play with an assessor, it was quite difficult I was thinking simply because you'd to close out the group exercise with a person presentation, after reading lots of additional new information in only a half an hour time slot. You may spend a lot of time reading all the brand-new information therefore it might be best if you map out of the framework and main functions and content of your presentation before reading all the information because will simply contribute to a small section of your presentation. The 10 moment presentation employs with questions afterwards which thought like an episode associated with the apprentice with skillfully developed asking questions on a subject you have only known for 60 minutes, you wind up creating a lot of the responses immediately as they are for aspects of the subject that you could n't have also must contemplate throughout the past time. I could maybe not wait for questions to end.

3. 1-1 Interview: This was the best part associated with the time, 4 concerns in 40 moments with an extremely friendly senior RBS Exec, it more carried the type of a casual talk. Just be sure you've got a lot of pre-canned examples which are relevant resistant to the 4 RBS values that you can use against these concerns. We came out with this experience truly good.

4. Written e-mail Workout: Answering 3 e-mails in 1 hour. The time pressure is actually intense right here, most applicants did not complete this. All answers tend to be waited equally so do not spend too much time on one certain email. We replied the two written emails very first, quite well and comprehensively in my opinion and spared the calculation one until final. The calculation one requires a lot more researching and focus although the real calculation is not that hard, however it does nonetheless just form an element of the answer. I presumed this would be the longest email to answer therefore I left it until final and didn't also get time for you to respond to much of issue. I left this exercise sensation quite unfavorable however whenever various other applicants in addition explained they discovered it difficult and would not finish all of it so ended up being much more upbeat.

The RBS people we handled were really friendly and relaxed, combined with the environment which we had been based which assisted considerably. However, all of the tasks had been really time pressured therefore for this reason only, I & most other applicants believed that it is a really difficult day over-all. I left feeling 50-50 regarding whether I'd been successful or perhaps not.

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Royal Bank of Scotland: Schon wieder Verluste
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