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April 17, 2016

Leila FoudaLeila Fouda is a marine mammal conservation scientist. She actually is fortunate to be able to journey to far-flung and breathtaking locations studying whales, dolphins along with other marine animals for her job. She informs us just what it's love to are a marine biologist, and offers advice for folks seeking to operate in the area.

Exactly how can you describe your task?

I’m a marine mammal preservation scientist, studying cetaceans like whales, dolphins and also other marine mammals, according to the research that's being done at that time.

On a practical degree, my work involves doing things particularly picture identification, and analysing underwater acoustic tracks for knowing the acoustic environment for the ocean and impact of oil and gas explorations about it. Moreover I do most marine mammal observation work from both vessels and land.

This past summer i've been focusing on a project known as the Behavioural reaction of Australian Humpbacks to Seismic studies (BRAHSS), which is the biggest study of the sort on earth.

What exactly are you most proud of inside career to date?

Obtaining chance to assist and learn from one of many world’s leading bio-acostitions and underwater noise scientists. Using Dr. Chrstine Erbe while in Australian Continent had been a fantastic chance of myself and has been outstanding discovering experience. She is somebody i must say i admire.

Just what knowledge have you got?

I did a BSc(Hons) level in aquatic Biology the University of St Andrews in Scotland, during and following that I did so a lot of internships to develop my set of skills before doing a Masters in Conservation Science at Imperial university London.

Exactly how did you find your internships?

I came across lots of the internships through postings on the web and mailing lists such as for instance which list tasks, internships, publications and PhDs. I also examined college and organisation web sites looking for opportunities and spent time talking to senior scientists and colleagues to learn the thing that was available. Speaking with men and women isn’t always simple, but as soon as you’ve accumulated a relationship and also shown all of them your abilities many times they will think of both you and deliver along internships options or job postings – therefore don’t be shy!

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