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September 15, 2015
Graduate Jobs and Internships
Exhibition features

So you've got a degree... Now what?

Ensure you get your career off to a flying start at nationwide scholar Recruitment Exhibitions – the UK’s leading jobs fairs!

Exhibition Features

Fast track subscription…

Get no-cost fast-track enrollment toward National Recruitment Exhibition once you subscribe online along with your entry signal. This not-to-be-missed occasion will be offering important information regarding highly popular graduate jobs, jobs fairs plus!

event featuresThe crucial to a wonderful CV

The Wright Stuff shares professional advice on piecing together a CV that sticks out to businesses. Discover the all-important techniques needed guaranteed to secure you interviews, plus the possibility of one-to-one advice once you attend the Exhibition!

Policy for success!

At any part of the day, look at the GradJobs kick off point for assistance, help or a chat. All of us are easily available to aid match the best employers to kick-start your job!

event HighlightsRecruiting with GradJobs

Recruiting during the National Graduate Recruitment Exhibitions

Promoting unrivaled use of a nationwide market of large number of high-calibre students and graduates, the nationwide scholar Recruitment
Events and GradJobs site would be the perfect platform to communicate your organization message and brand.

Career Advice Video

Interview and Assessment Centre Recommendations

Are you experiencing an interview or evaluation centre coming up? Here are some great tips from our peers on how best to bag that fantasy job!

Careers Fair | Job Fair London
Careers Fair | Job Fair London
Job Hunting outside London?
Job Hunting outside London?
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