Graduate Training

February 22, 2022
Graduate Training

As a unique graduate pupil, there are lots of training needs which you must complete. They're MANDATORY. All trainings tend to be due by October first for Fall Matriculates and February fifteenth for Spring Matriculates. These trainings consist of:

  • Choose the Supervisory choice.

This is due by October 1st for Fall Matriculates and February 15th for Spring Matriculates. Students will not be able to register for future semesters until the instruction is finished. Resulting late enrollment charges will not be waived.

Accountable Conduct of Analysis

Training and training in accountable Conduct of analysis (RCR) is a vital part of Rice’s dedication to maintain the highest criteria for research stability, and therefore, it really is considered an important facet of graduate knowledge.

As a member of this Rice University neighborhood, all graduate pupils (including all professional Master’s pupils except for MBA and MLS) are required to complete the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Responsible Conduct of analysis online program by October 1st for students starting the autumn semester, and also by February fifteenth for pupils beginning when you look at the springtime semester.

Working out segments required for all graduate pupils vary centered on college and program. At least, graduate students must obtain training in moral conduct of research; research misconduct; accountable authorship and publication; data purchase and laboratory resources; conflicts of great interest; using pet and man topics in research; and safe laboratory methods. Besides, dependant on the scholastic college and sort of study in which you intend to engage while at Rice, extra segments or individualized instruction can be required.

The accountable conduct of analysis (RCR) online training will require about 4 to 6 hours to accomplish. It doesn't have to be finished all-in-one program, but can be saved and logged out and back later. The absolute minimum score of 80per cent is needed to go by Rice’s criteria. Kindly follow the guidelines at. to take this program. You aren't required to request CME/CEU credits the training course(s). If you have additional questions, kindly check the FAQs.

Pupils will not be able to join up for future semesters before training is finished. Resulting late registration fees will not be waived.

Lab Security Instruction

Lab safety education is for the safety regarding the pupils within the Schools of Engineering and All-natural Science and all sorts of other individuals who work with labs.

Lab security instruction is MANDATORY for all brand-new pupils inside class of Engineering; School of Natural Science, except for the Mathematics and Statistics Departments; and any student outside those schools who'll be in a laboratory at Rice.

This can be a live education that may occur on August 18, 2016 (time and place becoming determined). Your departmental staff will coordinate this training, or contact ecological safe practices, 713-348-4444.

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Leap Graduate training, teambuilding and leadership video 1
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