Milkround Graduate schemes 2014

November 30, 2019
2015: graduate vacancies and

In the university bubble, it can often feel Deloitte, KPMG, Accenture in addition to various other business campus-giants will be the just brands with genuine job possibilities for students available. In fact, there seems to be two options; either have a place on a formal plan constructed on buzz words like ‘rotation’ and ‘leadership programme’, or be destitute.

With xmas gone and a 12 months beginning in earnest, I’m sure you’ve been subject to the inescapable familial interrogation, ‘so what exactly are your programs for after institution?’ Cue collective sigh. Yes- the prospective post-university abyss with the existing economic and work weather is sufficient to drench any pupil with woeful anxiety.

And just who could blame students? If your desk is covered in branded goods from stress balls to wall charts, along with your social diary is crammed high in presentations by corporate top-dogs, it is easy to understand that pupils feel their futures needs to be with huge businesses.

As an undergraduate at York a year ago, I undoubtedly got swept up in the Milkround anxiety. Christmas time and Spring terms had been a frenzy of programs and protect letters for roles I didn’t quite comprehend or truly know easily wished to commit the second two years of my entire life to. The limitless time consuming programs started initially to dominate my entire life with evening activities becoming soaked up by psychometric tests and waxing lyrical about my potential value to ‘x’ graduate plan. And all for inescapable e-mail no graduate wants to get: ‘many thanks a lot your application won't be taken ahead today.’

Saturated labour market

Utilizing the graduate labour market saturated and on average trying to get each role, this predicament will undoubtedly be getting much more acquainted students. By this time last year, I'dn’t had any success and spent the Christmas vacations attempting again. The deadlines for companies I was thinking were my first choice had passed away but a moment round approached I really held looking into. All this work over the undoubtedly busy dash of 3rd year finals; otherwise referred to as pinnacle of 3 years time and effort.

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