Careers Fayre

August 7, 2015
Careers Day Programme

SRUC Oatridge Campus

With a multitude of employers from over the outlying sector, all SRUC pupils are asked to wait the 3rd Annual Careers Fayre.

  • You will see chance of interested students to go to presentations by recruiting companies.
  • You may attend skills development workshops that will help you create your CV and then make probably the most of one's task searching for.
  • Complimentary transport should be offered from all campuses.
  • Guthrie Group Selfie competitors with the opportunity to win prizes!
  • Doodle Competition and a chance to win prizes!


Be aware of other links in dining table to existing options offered by these organisations.

N.B. It is strongly suggested that you bring several copies of the CV along to give to prospective businesses.


There will be presentations on the day for people who are interested.


There will be a number of skills workshops addressing topics such as for example CV building and UCAS programs along with other fun activities.

There is out extra information about these workshops right here:

Various other essential details you have to know:

  • There may be free transportation provided from each university for students and staff (speak to your Senior Tutor for details)
  • Pupils need a loaded meal or deliver cash to get from Oatridge cafeteria (there's no money device on campus!)
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Speaking with Recruiters at a Career Fair
Speaking with Recruiters at a Career Fair
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