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June 23, 2019
Job Vacancies

These articles tend to be in your area funded and interested parties should really be in touch with the designated contact known as per of the posts rather than the Ministries Council.

Ministries Council... participate something different!

Following analysis ministry demands to check traditional parish ministry, The Church of Scotland is looking to recruit for a number of roles across Scotland. Visit the Ministries Council vacancies page to see which roles are currently open. The closing dates for articles are suggested on the individual job information.

About our vacancies

Our vacancies feature:

  • regional articles used by our parishes and presbyteries, that are financed in your area, and never through any of the using agencies of Church

Parish ministers

All parish minister articles are included in the current vacant costs list. You must be an ordained minister of this Church of Scotland or graduate applicant to try to get some of these. Please contact the interim Moderator for every single charge to make use of.

Ministers of other denominations whom might be interested in vacant costs must initially contact the Ministries Council for information about admission to Church of Scotland ministry.

Filling a vacant cost - when a fee becomes vacant, an interim moderator and nominating committee are appointed to help to locate a brand new minister. To learn more and directions for both, go to resources for ministries.

The decision to ministry - ministry in the Church of Scotland usually takes a number of types. For information on how you can easily answer a call to a single of your ministries and about instruction and recruitment, check out Ministries in Church.

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